Blue Hours over Blue Tiled Roofs

Sunset, Ocean, and Tiled Roofs

Located in Kyotango City of Kyoto Pref., Yuhigaura is famed for its beautiful sunset. It is designated as one of the Japan's 100 most beautiful sunsets.

Our hotel commands a fine view of the sunset, Sea of Japan and blue tiled roofs on Japanese-style houses.

We hope you spend a relaxing time in the scenery you feel like painting.

Enjoy our limited-time crab dishes

We offer a special crab course until the end of March, which includes crab sashimi, grilled crab, crab tempura, a hot pot with crab meat and crab porridge.


Hi-no-Iraka in Yuhigaura Hot Springs Resort

43, Hamazume, Amino, Kyotango, Kyoto, 629-3245
    - TEL: 0772-74-0555
    - FAX: 0772-74-0111

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